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Alice May – Riptide

With a minimal approach, this song off the EP “Rocketships & Riptides” will catch you off guard, overwhelming you with emotion. At least that what happened to me when I first heard it.

With a crystalline voice that contains the same amount of vulnerability AND confidence, May transmits parts of her soul right to the listener. Somehow she manages to deliver so spot-on that I as a listener am having a hard time not to get too emotional while listening. The end of a relationship never sounded better in my opinion. May manages to point out all the shattered parts of her heart, but at the same time gets this “I’ll be okay” message through, and I assume that this comes from experience. I refuse to believe that this is just an act, simply because it feels so damn honest.

So what if the song isn’t super high quality recording. The vocals of May are so emotional and passionate, they even would deliver if she was singing in the bus, through a cell phone or on deck of an aircraft carrier. It’s not always about hq recording/mixing, sometimes it’s about the message and the emotion packed in between the tracks.

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