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Fox & Charm – Discotheque

It’s not that often that you hear male vocals blend so perfectly into an electro environment. And its not often that a song sticks to your brain so fast.

With a defensive rhythm and an exceptional guitar/synth backing, the new release of Diego Aguirre Cruzaley and Onur Turkiz Karakurt, better known as Fox & Charm, creates a warm and feelable environment for the listener. Taking an old 2011 released song of Walter, they transformed the original into a soft rework, putting their signature style on it. The result was not only a 8 year rejuvenation process, but a whole new song in my opinion. The guys honored the original, keeping the main concept intact, they managed to create an outstanding rework here.

If you listen closely, there are so much little things happening in the background, be it the doubled vocals, the defensive percussion, the roomy backing synth, or those retro-ish breaks – everything is a hint that Fox & Charm put a lot of thought and work into this “Discotheque” hommage. The song is done passionate, and the production is a thing of beauty.
Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention that the song is ultra-catchy. I bet my wallet that you will be humming along the ‘would you, would you’ part before the song is over.

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