Tess Anderson – Self Control

When icy plucks meet hot vocals, you know you have entered the world of Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Tess Anderson. But this isn’t the whole magic of her new release, not by a long shot.

You gotta love the methodical slow pace “Self Control” uses. Taking time, the track carefully sets everything up like a serial killer. Every element in the track feels placed exactly where it needs to be. There’s a certain surgical accuracy connected to this tune, as it alternates between quiet and shy, just before bursting into flames during the chorus parts. The track feels somewhat raw and sketchy, but at the same time, it brings this sharp vibe along, giving the concept an almost threatening canvas with a enough-is-enough undertone.

Overall, it’s the special chemistry that makes the track so addictive. Because you never know what’s next, the tune contains an unreal amount of drive and energy which is delivered on a very relaxed canvas. This is exactly how to redefine music for your own purpose.

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