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Scott Howard – Come With Me

With a kind approach, the tune of Scott Howard invites you to sit down, relax and watch the clouds go by. At least that’s how I felt when listening to “Come With Me”.

Backed by a handmade environment with guitars, drums, and some supporting vocal tracks, the awesome production puts the spotlight on the voice and warm flavor of Howards voice. He’s got some awesome nuances allowing him to deliver the lyrics in an uplifting and lightweight manner, yet the vocals clearly show the energy and passion put in there.

Reading the bio of Scott Howard, it’s hard to believe that someone who went through so much in his life is even capable of delivering any uplifting theme. Rocked by personal tragedies and struggles, he refuses to back down, and call me crazy – but I think the listener can hear that in his songs. He found music as a vent for his feelings, and while others may find solitude in lifting weights at the gym or something like that, Howard chose music as his weapon of choice to deal with what life holds for him. And I’m very glad he did.

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