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Animus – White Line Fever

Oldschool with special ingredients

Today I stumbled upon one of the tracks of an alternative band called Animus. Boy, this sound took me back to the good old times.

Driven by an energetic beat, the song of singer Ash D’Costa, drummer Dyl D’Costa, and bass player Sheldon D’Silva, the three better known as “Animus”, brings a sound to the table that reminds me of the good old times. Not too old of course, more like around 2000. Think of summer nights, a beach party, barbecue and cold beer. The setting originates from around here, with a basic guitar/bass/drum set and great vocal tracks you find yourself grooving to the beat steadily while listening. What makes the sound diffferent and stand out from there on is that special extra synth added here and there (check out that awesome blending synth-to-rock-intro), plus well done polyphonic vocal tracks.

The mix is done solid, although I have the feeling that it’s holding back when the chorus kicks in. I don’t know, there’s a bit of …”fat” missing. Maybe the intention here was to not smack the vocals out of the center over the chorus. Other than that, no glitches and well-formed mixing work here.
The three guys recently released a new track called “This is How It Ends” which I recommend as well (see link below). Being the latest work of Animus, you can hear the sound… maturing somehow. Mix fattened, atmosphere deeper, intensity added…they got everything they need. So, in my opinion these guys from Australia are heading right towards Mainstageville.

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