Chabliz & Dizzy Panda – Bite my Tongue (Chabliz Version)

Being one version of an evolutionary process that happened to the original “Bite My Tongue” of Haarlem-based psycho-retro-electro masterminds Pizzy Panda, this track reached a level to stand as its own original idea in my humble opinion.

You might have noticed that I didn’t use the term “cover”. The reason for that is simple. Most covers are done quite close to the original, adding mostly new melodic or rhythmic components while leaving the song’s core intact. The new release of Chabliz though adds not only the aforementioned but a whole new personality as well. Replacing most of the original elements while at the same time honoring the original by dueting with original singer Ntll keeps the initial concept intact while leaving enough space for the creation of something new and exciting.

And that’s what I love most about this track. The song’s story fits the dark pop vibe of Chabliz perfectly, and knowing some of their other works, it did challenge them to leave their usual paths of creating. In a newly designed wide-spaced area filled with soft textures and guiding instruments, the vocals put out a painfully honest emotional amount of sadness, melancholy, and desperation making the listener’s head bow down in the process.

This tune feels minimal at first glance but contains so much more for the detail-loving listener. It’s not only the track itself, it’s also the mood and vibe that is carefully nurtured with seemingly small nuances of composition, expression, and a high sense of emotional approach.

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