Charcoal Burners – Darling One

This song is an emotional ballad that reaches out for your soul.

Starting with a soft and gentle guitar backing, the stage is set for the vocals to shine. The track contains a great amount of melancholy, but that’s not all there is. For me, the song somehow takes me back to the times when I was a young grown-up. Back then, I guess it was songs like this one that defined my life’s soundtrack. Melancholic, partly sad, but yet filled with “hey, it’s okay” attitude.

I think being passionate and emotional is a big part in the life of Andrew Spittle, the brain behind what we call Charcoal Burners. You just can feel that his motives are true and honest, he delivers it in any song he sings/plays. I guess there’s a lot of life experience in his songs, I have the feeling that he tells us stories rather than just singing the notes. Yes, I know this isn’t the best mixed work you may have ever heard. Yes, the artwork and the appearance of some tracks might need an upgrade. But for now, the music is what it’s about, and being able to feel something while listening to this ballad is ultimately what’s important to me.

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Florian Maier

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