MP Grey, Rudiger – A Nice Retreat

How about some warm, sultry groove? The new release of musical mastermind MP Grey along vocal jack-of-all-trades Rudiger turns up the heat. With a directional bass line and a basic drum pattern, the tune feels dry and hot like desert sand, and in the whirring air that’s created, the notes are floating like a mystical mirage.

But it’s not just about the nice retreat in this tune. Although this can be used as a beach bar soundtrack (and I’m sure it will), there’s a small reminder built in. I love the fact that you’ll find some thought provoking lyrics in there, going hand in hand with the soulful rich-textured vocals to serve as kind of an educational nudge. Being surrounded by bended synths, space building extras and crisp drums, the track is nothing less than your funky teacher of the day.

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