The Toxhards – Doombop!

Feel that? This is the best of both worlds, folks. It’s retro-soaked groove, transposed into the modern era. With its honest core, a certain kind of boldness and a fun energetic approach, the new release of LA-based band The Toxhards makes you forget about problems, regulations, or rules.

“Doombop!” makes you move, it makes you smile and sing-along while you might find yourself in between those lines, and heck, even in between the quirky, processed melodic backing. I love the fire-and-forget feeling attached to this tune. When it’s time to scream, just do so! The tune shows exactly how it’s done. So your lesson for the night is to listen to this gem max volume in heavy traffic, windows down, singing along. There you have it, feelgood vibes, courtesy of The Toxhards.

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Florian Maier

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