Petting Zoo – He’s Losing You

The new release of freh pop rockers Petting Zoo has a youthful and energetic drive attached to it. In a way, this tune feels fresh and clean like late spring, so it kinda fits perfectly into the time of the year right now. With a steady but relaxed drive and crisp vocals, “He’s Losing You” spreads both emotion and fun along the lightweight groovy guitar melodies.

Best part of the new creation from Norwalk based band is the signature blend of new and old though. They stirred a bit retro-flavoured texture into their record (don’t ask me how they did it), and this is the secret ingredient to give the track something majesticly cool in my opinion. All in all, while we wait for the summer to fully arrive, we found ourselves the perfect soundtrack for the wait.

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Florian Maier

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