Hold on Me (Rick Reichert)

Taken from the album “Along a Path”, this tune contains everything what it’s about in classic rock.

Check out the drive. The energy. The sprinkles of dirt, giving the tune a classy no-shenanigans independent appeal. From guitar tracks to vocals to drums, everything oozes what I’d like to call “primal energy texture” that we all love in classic rock. While the rhythm section serves as the motor and drive of the tune, its the special unique texture of the vocals that lends the tune an almost vintage character. Telling the story with a seen-it-all undertone, these vocals are feeling fully at home in the atmosphere created by the guitars, and from there on, blending these two main ingredients just feels natural and given.

The result is honesty. It’s passion. It’s music in a down to earth and pure form. This, ladies and gentlemen, is rock. Period.

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Florian Maier

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