Not A Problem (Estella Dawn)

With her first release in 2023, singer/songwriter Estella Dawn once again puts her heart and soul out there.

You gotta love the intimate atmosphere created in “Not A Problem”. Backed by piano chords, synths, and a soft grooving rhythm, the story is told by those signature styled vocals of Dawn which feel both relatable and unreachable at the same time. As in her previous releases, there’s this unmistaken signature sound transmitted by her voice. It seems that there is an unlimited amount of soul and passionate drive available in her heart. And the best part for us listeners is that she’s not afraid not release it, no matter how painful or hard it might be to do so.

And make no mistake about it, showing this intimate and vulnerable side isn’t the easiest thing to do. Some might say this is kind of a therapy, some say it’s a desperate cry to be understood, but in my opinion, Dawn simply found her voice in telling stories that life has written. No matter what topic, mood or emotional base. She’s like that honest friend you need, helping you to see how life actually works. I love that the music of the skilled singer/songwriter lets you see the world through her eyes. Even when it’s an emotional rollercoaster like this tune.

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