Doux Instants (Raynald Grenier)

This beautiful tune by Canadian composer Raynald Grenier lets your mind wander. And it is a soft and calm journey through old and new, through past, present and possible future.

In a relaxed setting, the piano ballad paints a picture for me, transmitting a certain vibe in the process. The track feels like a new beginning. Like chances offered, chances missed, and the ultimate knowledge that there always will be a new day. The melodic concept of the track contains a certain positive wisdom that, although blended with melancholic patterns, lets your mind ease on the fact that everything will go its way eventually.

I love the way the track is telling this fact of life. Sit down. Relax. Put on those closed headphones, close your eyes and free your mind for a couple of minutes. Allow the melody to take over your thoughts. Fade out everything that is haunting you. “Doux Instants” (“sweet moments”) somehow manages to let you think about pivotal moments in life without denying that those moments can also be bittersweet. Of course, this is just one of many interpretations, I dare you to find your own as you get lost in these soft textures. Once a tune pictures life in such detailed honesty, I’m an instant fan.

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