Simple Life (Walter Longscott)

Being about people that live a simple life, and those who decide to go against the adagio that it always has to be more, the new release of Belgian singer/songwriter Walter Longscott brings a bit of laid back wisdom into our lives.

You gotta love the vibe transmitted by “Simple Life”. In a very relaxed setting, the backing creates a warm and calm atmosphere, with a slow rhythmic concept and some smooth guitar and organ textures. There’s a certain swingy component that keeps things in motion, but just enough to not overload the tune with energy. And in this scenery, those deep and serene vocals tell the story at hand with a great blend of wisdom, and a surprising melodic capability although not spanning a wide note range.

And all in all, that’s both the whole point, and the secret ingredient of the tune. It’s the fact that it has nothing to prove with its existence, therefore telling the story with a high amount of credibility. This track both pictures and IS a synonym for the simple life it tells about. Everything in the tune just does its thing, not rushing anything, not trying to be anything it’s not. And I am simply fascinated by this relaxed composition.

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