Fool (Jeremy Travis)

In a very pristine way, the new release of singer/songwriter Jeremy Travis tells the story in a unqiue fashion, feeling a bit like a theatrical play from start to finish.

For me, the tune contains certain “acts”, if you will. These acts are connected both with the storytelling itself, but also with certain moodsets that are reflected by the melodies, and the expressive abilities of the vocals. What feels melancholic and beaten down can switch seamlessly to an energetic drive, just to be changed to a emotional outburst all of a sudden. This versatility of sound leads to the track keeping tension at all times, although some might say that the song feels a bit immaculate due to the lack of dirty rock textures. But I might go so far to interpret this move as a signature style of the artist. There’s a certain sensitive side connected to the tune, and in my opinion this sensitivity is part of the musical soul of Travis.

You know me, guys. I always like to hear both sides of a story. And “Fool” gives me the opportunity to hear the story from the source. Where passionate vocal textures meet both lightweight piano chords and dedicated guitar solos at the same time, this is where we enter the sonical world of Jeremy Travis.

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