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Flawes – Ghost Town (feat. Rozes)

The new release of Flawes contains a great amount of what I like to call “soul room”, a reverbed setting that transmits a kind of “lost” feel, urging you to do some soul searching.

The track has a very soft approach, using defensive drums and several synth backing tracks which is the perfect setting for these emotional vocals, both male and female. The tune also has a distinct vibe attached, it contains the right amount of emotion without being too melancholic. It’s both packed with groove AND mood.

The video coming with the track is a thing of beauty. Done in rich and mysterious environments, the pictures deliver more intensity to the music. (Check out the lighting on this, folks. Awesome, isn’t it.) Both the music and the video are very detailed and thoughtful arrangements. Best part is that it doesn’t depend on just one mood setting – you could say that “Ghost Town” is sort of a multi-mood song.

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Florian Maier

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