Chabliz – Wings of the Night – Radio Edit

With a gentle approach, the new release of Dutch pop noir band Chabliz transmits its story with a load of emotion. And it’s not just one emotion, the tune comes with a whole palette of moods.

While the soft vocals are telling the story, they are backed by a versatile combination of piano and strings. Being a pop ballad about grief, but in a quite positive, optimistic and almost naive way, the track uses what I’d like to call “intelligent mood switches”. The track is able to alternate between melancholy/sadness and a special kind of lightweight hopeful vibe, and while doing so, it creates a special universe for the listener. And for me, this unique universe reflects what life itself is about.

I really like the essence of this track. In a way, the tune circles around the real-or-not topic at hand with an open end, and that’s what makes “Wings of the Night” so special. This tune delivers emotion with a twist, so to speak. Enough with the pre-written endings or final statements. The tune will leave the final thoughts in the hand (or better: ear) of the listener.

If this track peaked your curiosity, I highly recommend checking out the album “Heroes and Foes” where you can find the extended version of the tune, along a whole melodic universe of moods, vibes and sounds, all delivered with an extraordinary mix of classical instruments, rich versatile vocals, and a stunning amount of feelable lively textures.

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