Counting Chances – Journey

Have you ever felt like you’re never ever standing still? And I’m not talking about stressful hectic movement, rather like water that’s constantly in motion. The new release of Counting Chances pictures this feeling for me in a very sophisticated way.

One thing I love about the works of Counting Chances is the ability to not only tell wholesome stories, but to transmit the feeling connected to these stories as well. In a world where I don’t even want to go outside some days because of all the bad things happening day by day, and with a gut feel that everyone more and more tries to hide and evade feelings, I like the fact that there are artists out there who show through their music that feelings are still there. (Because looking at what’s happening in the world, I truly doubt that sometimes.)

“Journey” tells the story with defensive piano progressions, and melodic textures that feel like vocals from a lost soul.
In a way, for me this tune describes my position. In life, in the world, in the universe, you name it. It’s a door opener to reflect about who I am, to think about who I want to be, and where I want to be. And these thoughts and feelings can be described as a journey, it’s a process that never realls stands still. As I look around, I have all these possibilities, and the melodies of the tune present these possibilities like bright beacons of light from afar, with not a single beacon trying to pull me in its direction. With its unobtrusive approach, the track leaves it up to me where to go and what to do. But it does so with a special meditative omniscient positivity.

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