Govert Deploige & De Woo – Drinken En Vergeten

The new release of Govert Deploige & De Woo contains an unreal amount of energetic passion, enriched with what I’d like to call “desperate urgency”. In a driving rock setting with punk-flavoured textures, the track tells the story about a heartbroken fatal car ride.

The funny thing is that even without knowing the lyrics first (my Dutch is rather rusty, as in “non-existent”), the track triggered the meaning just through the dense atmosphere it builds. While the classic guitar/bass/drums backing serves as the motor of the tune, the vocals bring this certain frantic restless vibe to the table. A vibe that feels like problems with no solution, like situations leaving you helpless and hopeless with no way out. Exactly like what you’re going through when losing someone due to a breakup. I love the way in which the track feels like a train that is driving towards a canyon with no means of stopping it. It’s that special serious urgency, presented in a relentless fashion, but also with a sense of musical drive.

There you have it, the presentation of “Drinken En Vergeten” is just stunning. Although the band around Govert Deploige did other songs as well so far, namely the more emotional “Kleine Zoon” and the clean rock driver “Schreeuw” back in 2021, I think the actual tune is their best work so far. They found their sweet spot in a unique signature straightforward approach.

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