Glass Mansions – STANDING O

Fasten seatbelts, folks. Better yet, fasten mind-belts. This new driver by Jayna Doyle and Blake Arambula, the duo better known as Glass Mansions, steps on the pedal big time.

Feel that? From the first seconds on, there’s this dense intensity happening. In a distorted unforgiving scenario, a perfect mix of melodic components serves as base for these signature-styled intense and energetic vocals. “STANDING O” creates a dense energy-packed trip. This track is the rebellion anthem of modern times, it’s pointing fingers on what’s wrong out there, and it serves as empowerment for everybody in need of that extra nudge to finally speak up.

I love the undeniable drive of the tune. It moves mountains by the intensity of essentially every component in the tune. The track is designed to pick you off the ground, dust you off, and makes you show ’em all by any means necessary. This, guys, is pure drive, passion and motivation delivered as music. In the words of the artists, “our voice is the most powerful thing we have in fighting back”. It’s about time that we use it.

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