Bad Flamingo – Fiddle

In a melodic and unusual fashion, the gals of Bad Flamingo present their newest release called “Fiddle”. With a guitar based backing along defensive placed handmade percussion, the story is told in a unique fahsion, with fun and sassy vocals along a steadily growing energetic flow.

The song is a bit different compared to those in their repertoire, but stays true to their genre and style. As always, the tune abducts you to the wild west, and it spreads that hot and dry atmosphere we all know and love about the works of Bad Flamingo.

As I said before about other tracks of the mysterious singer/songwriters, they are breaking boundaries with their cheeky performances, but that’s their signature move, and their strong suit within the music industry. That is who they are. They are not bowing down to the scene nor the market, they do their thing with this special carefree cowgirl-ish attitude. And because they do, they add a ton of credibility to their work. Pack some swing and handmade music to that, and you got another tune that’ll stick to the head of the listener for a long time.

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