Those Damned Jackdaw Saints – Blue-collar Blues

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: the working class anthem of 2022. Trust me, whenever life plays a rough set, this is the sound you’re looking for.

I love the wisdom present in both lyrics and melodies. With a steady calm groove, “Blue-collar Blues” creates this profound swing with a slight melancholic beaten-down undertone. Done this way, the tune instantly gets validated by the typical “I know that feel” reaction from the listener. The emotional fabric this tune consists of makes you order another shot while nodding to the groove.

Overall, it’s this authenticity that makes this track stand out. Guitar and vocals play along well, as if they were two friends talking at the bar. The rhythm has a steady calm approach withoutever being boring, and the story being told speaks volumes. Singer/songwriter Chad Stephens took a chapter of life and giftwrapped it with saturated, slightly dirty road rock – or as I’d like to name it, “Saints Roadhouse Rock”.

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