Limón Limón – Roller Coaster

Being about feeling lost and stuck in life’s monotony, the new release of musical mastermind duo Limón Limón has a very unique laid back approach. On one hand, you got this lush, over-the-top bubbly vibe going on, with saturated synths in a minimal environment. On the other, there’s this lightweight, free and swingy component present, while the vocals do their thing to tell the story with a special sorrow-free moodset.

In the case of this tune, I was attracted by the seemingly simple approach. Minimal melodic concept meets minimal rhythmic structure, one would think. Ha! But don’t underestimate the tune because of this feel! I love that for some reason there’s this sparkling moodset being created, with a very effective storytelling vibe that holds the balance between heavy topic and so-what attitude. Sometimes attractive appeal is as simple as that.

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