Fe Salomon – Interstate 10

Check out this unreal atmosphere! I just love the scenery that is created by the lastest release of singer/songwriter/performer Fe Salomon. It’s an out-of-this-world mixture of melancholy, beaten-down suffering, and a strange uplifting energetic drive. While the single elements of the track feel odd and misplaced at parts, the whole tune is an absolute beauty, because it defies any rules, and by somehow holding the single elements together, it has a signature concept that’s pretty unique out there.

You don’t believe me? Well, then go ahead and name the genre of the tune. See? “Interstate 10” even blends genres seamlessly. You got dark synth textures, as well as strings, and a electro pop rhythm set that are telling the story. A story of a journey, of wins and losses, of truth and deception, and of some lessons learned the hard way. In a fine-nuanced, boundary-defying fashion, the singer/songwriter adds tension and drama with only telling the truth.

You gotta love the fact that this isn’t a overly romantic nor bitter way of looking back, but simply an honest one. Originally written as a country song, this tune evolved into something bigger. And thanks to the vocals, with their ability to be shy as well as kickass-styled, this track is totally unique, with an underrated impact on the listener.

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