We’re not like the others. If you ever doubt that, this tune’s for you.

Feel that unmatched energy? The main ingredient of the new release of alt-rock based band FORTVNA is raw, unrefined energy that cannot be held back by anything. The Madrid based firestarters packed a ton of drive into “GOLD” in form of assertive drums, an explosive guitar/bass combo, and vibrant vocals containing a signature styled sassiness.

The tune has this “get up, stand up”-vibe present which I absolutely love. It’s like the track was born out of the idea that something was needed to grab the listeners by the shoulders, shaking them until they get up instead of doing nothing. In a dark, dense synth-highlighted setting, the track starts merely as a spark but builds into a uncontrollable wildfire in no time. The versatile concept of putting in what I like to call “silent highlights” every now and then adds even more momentum to the already thrilling story.

Long story short, this is feelable rock. This is no-shenanigans passion in form of a well-rounded energy multiplier. This is what it’s about in music. The band describes their genre as “glittery alt-rock with a punk attitude”. While this is an awesome description already, I’d like to throw in my genre suggestion as well: this, ladies and gentlemen, is pure stirring fortvnalt-rock.

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