Dom Malin, Luna Keller – Overgrown

Being a metaphor for losing someone close to you, this tune puts the finger where it hurts, but it does so in the most beautiful haunting way. And as it does, it gives the listener the opportunity to let feelings happen, to work through loss and grief to finally open the doors to the bright sun rays of the future again.

The singer/songwriter duo piled up their natural abilities as musicians to create a sound that aims straight for the heart. In a delicate and sensitive setting, “Overgrown” knows how to reach out and offer these vulnerable thoughts every human being knows one way or another. As I was listening, I found myself sitting with a blank stare, being hit by a wave of memories about loved ones passed, but also about the past I tried to cling on so badly for years. I love that the song isn’t bound to a specific person or scenery, but rather works as a catalyst for emotions, and a band-aid for a scarred soul.

Call me overly sensitive if you want to, but being an emotional catalyst is one of music’s core purposes. It’s a purpose that Luna Keller and Dom Malin fully understood. And in their actual release they nurtured and allowed this special purpose to a point where it sends tears to your eyes.

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