Lonely Little Kitsch – The New Scene

Feel that? The debut single of two-piece Canadian alt-rock band Lonely Little Kitsch contains this dense and urgent drive. It’s not something brute or relentless, it’s more of a driven feeling.

Being an ode to fake people who like to “trend-jump” and try to appeal to new groups of people, this tune serves as kind of a mirror to those who think that pretending to be someone you’re not is the right way. With an energetic rhythm setting along dynamic guitars, the tune feels like a chapter out of the roadtrip called life. The vocals are done with both a soft side, and this dark, independent and thrilling undertone that is connected to this signature “you have no clue what I’m capable of” vibe.

And there you have it, that’s why I love this tune. It combines drive, passion, and excitement. Stirred thoroughly, served with an ice-cold smile and a non-fakeable honesty. Kristen Goetz and Nolan Jodes, the masterminds behind Lonely Little Kitsch, prove with “The New Scene” that the are here to stay, and they bring a ton of energy to the table.

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