Those Damned Jackdaw Saints – Tattoo

The new release of musical multitalent Chad Stephens, better known under his project name Those Damned Jackdaw Saints, is a slow emotional ballad that takes its time to deliver the story, but goes under the skin exactly like the title says.

In a very handmade setting with soft and calmost country-ish textures, the friendly and relaxed guitar builds this signature styled understanding and sensitive backing which serves as a perfect canvas for the vocals to tell the story. I love that the tune simplay takes its time. No rush here. And as it goes, there’s the exact amount of energy present to keep the tune alive, but not too pushy nor driving.

Being about the fact that good people get under your skin like a tattoo, becoming a part of us, and stay with us in good times and bad, this tune also is a gentle reminder of who’s important in life. In these times, we tend to take friendships or relationships as given sometimes. Too often people won’t see the importance and the connection anymore. For me, this track is an ode to these connections, and a slow swinging reminder to value the right people in life.

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