BTM Project – Când Seara Vine Iar

There’s something very special attached to the songs of BTM project. It’s a bittersweet melancholy, amplified by passion, and driven by desire. With the latest realese called “Când Seara Vine Iar”, it’s no different. While there are atmospheric strings backed by a certain urgency caused by a driven rhythm, the track contains a high amount of intensity that feels like emotions that are hidden for unspoken reasons.

Maybe your Romanian is as weak as mine, so I strongly suggest the lyric video available here. But even without the lyrical meaning behind the track’s intentions, I suggest to let the song speak for itself. With a fragile approach at first, the track even develops this unique epic proportion, building to a massive drive, an energetic vent totally unexpected by the listener.

For me personally, the tune acknowledges a certain kind of loneliness, but also shows a bigger picture. In other words, this tune speaks out of the heart and soul, and it absolutely is feelable.

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