Allison Leah – constellations

Singer songwriter Allison Leah did it again. Once again, she put it all out there. All of the emotion, passion and feeling available is gift-wrapped in soft melodies in her new release called “constellations”.

There’s this undeniable authenticity present in what the artist calls a “soundtrack for people in long distance relationships, people who have lost loved ones, or people who yearn for love”. Being done with pristine fine-nuanced vocals, the story at hand instantly connects with the listener. Soft vocal textures along widespread defensive melodic textures are both the foundation and the secret ingredient of the tune.

What makes the tune so effective is the soft and soulful way in which is presented. As listener, I always love to feel the song the same way I can hear it. And since the tune contains a bittersweet melancholy which most of us are familiar with, I can look up to the sky at night with the same feeling that this tune triggers. Just listen, folks. This is honesty. Raw emotions. Heart and soul, offered as sound.

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