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Leanna Firestone – You Just Didn’t Like Me That Much

The new release of singer/songwriter Leanna Firestone reminds us of one simple rule in life: sometimes things aren’t really complicated. With a lightweight and bright approach, the tune contains quite a positive and driven vibe for the story at hand. Soft backing textures blend with an unobtrusive but distinct energy that keeps the tune alive and running with a purpose, while the vocals feel sophisticated and matured by life.

I love that the tune doesn’t bow down to the facts of life. Yeah, seeing a relationship end is sad, and it sucks. But sometimes, no one really can do their part to prevent that from happening. Often times a tune takes a stand, whether it’s the sad, melancholic side of things, or the angry, bitter side. But “You Just Didn’t Like Me That Much” takes an adorable neutral stand, both in regards to the lyrics and the music itself, which for me feels like a late summer walk. The weather might be cold, but the sun makes things worth staying outside, as you close the jacket, breathe in and enjoy being a part in this great scheme called “life” while curiously waiting for what will happen next.

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