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KOKA – Eudaimonia

The new release of Albanian born, Berlin based multitalent KOKA feels like a journey to the depths of your soul. It’s nothing like a fast-paced rush to the finish line though, it’s rather a multidimensional flight through layers of emotion and passion. This track offers time and space to explore a new dimension.

With wholesome lightweight and unobtrusive textures, the backing sets the stage for the enchanting vocals. Somewhere between ethereal layers of sound and a defensive percussion, the story is told in a unique enigmatic and omniscient fashion. The tune feels as young as a newborn, and at the same time as old as life on earth, because there’s both an innocent curiosity and a ever-knowing wisdom present in “Eudaimonia”.

And to put it simply, THAT’s the secret of the tune. That’s why the tune has an addictive undertone, and a floaty groove that makes you move both inside and outside. This isn’t just music, it’s soulfood.

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