Music Teacher – I Wantcha Number

The describe themselves as “possibly the smallest band on the planet”. The band maybe small, but the music is BIG.

What draws me most to this track is the lightweight approach of the newest release of swedish musicians Sebastian Larsson and Karl Johan Råsmark, better known as “Music Teacher”. With some basic music backing and a couple of claps they’re ready to put the fun back in music.
In my opinion they just know how to deliver the music the right way. Luckily there aren’t high end effect chains used in there, and while the mix might not be as fat as Balu (my neighbor’s dog), there’s everything in there to transmit that awesome amount of groove to make your head move right away. They even merged some spanish elements in there to spice it up which is working perfectly. And be honest, guys – no one who hears this track is just sitting static while doing so. (I was lucky that no one was watching while I was doing my latenight moonwalk groove when I heard it.)

It clearly shows that the guys of Music Teacher are living and breathing music, and the both have a great chemistry together. These are the main ingredients for musicians to make a name out there.

Music Teacher on spotify
Music Teacher on soundcloud
Music Teacher on instagram

Florian Maier

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