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Schabanack – Karma

Get ready to dance through warm summer karma rain, folks. The new release of Austrian band Schabanack fills the room with a laid back, relaxed groove. Ulrich Gahleitner und Maurice Miller, the masterminds behind the project, created a resourceful well-rounded vibe that has a really addictive flavor attached.

With soft and warm melodic textures, the tune creates what I’d like to describe as “last call atmosphere at a beach bar at night”. You know, one of these places where everybody is in a good mood, everythings feels great and problems are far, far away. As the tune questions if its good or bad to do things for karma’s sake instead of altruistic motives, the track has both a fun and sassy base, as well as a higher philosophical approach in my opinion.

A lush bass line blends with a relaxed rhythm and sparkling percussive elements, as the vocals feel honest and moreso, more profound than expected. Heck, due to the non-obtrusive repetitions, the song even gets a singalong character along the chorus line. Overall, the tune makes you move, think, and smile. In other words: “Karma” is the definition of versatility.

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