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David Green – Pyrite

The new release of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter David Green transmits emotions big time. With a very gentle and sophisticated approach, the tune builds its moodset in a very minimal setting first, with just piano, guitar and very authentic vocals. Like fog that’s creating little water drops on tree leaves, the track transmits its message in a soft and understanding way everyone can relate to, building momentum and defensive energy as it goes.

Centering around the triumph of finding that special someone, the track takes your mind to a relaxing morning walk, allowing your feelings to be taken away by the slow and flowing groove. The special ingredient of “Pyrite” is its sincerity, there’s nothing sold that isn’t there. The melodies wrap your mind in a warm blanket, while the uplifting main theme brings rays of light into your day. All in all, THIS is how a heartfelt ballad is created the right way.

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