acari – Distant

With an unreal amount of soul and groove, the new release of American singer/songwriter Carina Valdes, better known as acari, raises the temperature of any room it’s played in. And here’s why.

The tune builds a balanced and captivating dark atmosphere with the help of a relaxed beat, some soft lickin’ guitars, and a saturated bass line that feels like slowly drinking an exclusive cocktail with exotic flavors. The tune contains just enough movement to feel alive and sparkling, yet there’s also what I like to call a “shy” component present, making the song defensive but really attractive as a result.

And essentially, that description applies for the vocals as well. While they tell the story of the tune in a very defensive way, they have this irresistible vibe that lets them shine like a ravishing diamond in this environment. The voice of acari feels both fragile and intense, which isn’t found often amongst singers out there in my opinion. Put together with the backing, “Distant” creates a safe haven for the listener to groove along the soft and silky melodies on repeat.

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