Joe’s Groove Huddle – Believe Me

Time to feel genuine handmade rock again, boys and girls. The new release of Joe’s Groove Huddle is soaked with rockin’ honesty.

There’s one thing in particular I love about the track, and moreso, the project itself. It’s the naturalness in which the sound comes to life. You think it’s just another band playing in some german basement? Wrong. The Groove Huddle is a way of separated musicians to create an own soul essence of music.

For “Believe Me”, german mastermind Joe Kinzig (bass) virtually teamed up with italian singer Eric Castiglia, german guitarist Benedikt Staud and drummer Christian Fier to create this unique laid back funk-soaked rocking piece of art. There’s a very lightweight component present in the atmosphere of this tune. The energetic fabric of the tune is woven by playful guitars, lush and jumpy bass lines and driving yet relaxed drumpatterns. In this environment, the vocals feel happy and at home.

One of the topics the song handles is the fact that more and more people are seeking simple answers, with the problem being that life isn’t that simple after all. Heck, it’s life, for crying out loud! Taking the easy road almost never gets you to the intended destination, does it. As we humans have to learn to live with complexity, I am more than eager to have my life lessons presented in such an addictive rocking way.

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