Fior – Overdose

Delving into the cycle of physical attraction and how these powerful feelings can create conflict, the newest release of pop-multitalent Fior really has an outstanding appeal. From the first seconds on, I was fascinated by the atmosphere created by the tune. With a ultra-relaxed approach, a slow pace, and a signature-styled sassy and laid back vibe attached, the sound feels edgy but rare. The vocals give “Overdose” a majestic glow. With a very emotional core, they are telling the story with many fine nuances of feeling attached.

Overall, the track is an intriguing blend of several genres. You’ll find soulful R&B elements along alternative rock snippets, vulnerable minimal settings along dense warm textures, and along all of it, there’s this feelable vibe present that connects to most of us listeners out there. I love that the track tells its story not in a casual mainstream environment but it rather builds its own atmosphere of thoughts, feelings and moods. With its special ‘my way’-attitude, the track doesn’t just ride the wave of mainstream, but it builds a new genre I’d like to call “Fior pop”. It’s the relaxed way of energy and groove, edged by life and experience, with nothing to prove at all.

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Florian Maier

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