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Love Ghost – Pulp

Being about an addict’s relationship to God, the new release of American alternative rockers Love Ghost surprises with a honest core and an emotional approach. Once you got hooked on the beaten down melancholic base, the track builds an atmosphere consisting of expressive vocals, basic yet effective bass lines along almost vintage styled rhythm patterns, and emotive guitars in what I would like to describe as a “drowning setting”.

And overall, it’s this moody vibe that attracts me most about “Pulp”. It’s a fine nuanced mix of desperation, frustration, hope, intensity and a core vulnerability that is showcased in a way that everybody can see, hear and feel it. What seemingly starts as an eighty-flavored, beaten-down melancholic tune, contains a ton of energy, passion, and emotion from start to finish. The video coming along the tune as is a beauty of the same proportions as the sound, the pictures support the overall theme perfectly in their unique edgy, grungy and blurry intensity.

And that is what it’s about in music, right. It’s the ability to tell your story in sound an environment that’s suitable, relatble and believable. The guys of Love Ghost did exactly that.

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