Monica Whitlock – Jack+Rose

There are tunes out there that leave me silent for a couple of minutes. This one from singer/songwriter Monica Whitlock is such a tune. When a track throws feelings at you in such an unfiltered fashion, with such a high amount of honesty that it’s simply not possible that this is a made up story, this track will leave me speechless with not much more to say except ‘wow’.

“Jack+Rose” is about a very traumatic breakup from an abusive relationship. With a guitar based backing, the story is told by vocals indicating only a fracture of what the singer has seen and experienced, but with unmatched intensity nevertheless. And it’s this honest intensity that really intimidates me. Imagine this tune being a friend telling you what he or she has been through, what would you say?

In a special stripped down environment, the song transmits its intention perfectly. There’s a balance present between fragility and strong empowerment, combining the final opening of a new chapter with acknowledging what happened. And let’s be honest, to throw it all out there is a brave move that deserves respect and recognition. Taken from the newly released EP “Promise Me You’ll Stay Long Enough to Hear This“, this track, along the others of the EP, shows a huge part of the heart and soul of Whitlock.

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