louderman – Tomorrow’s Life

You gotta love the amount of honesty and heartfelt emotion in the new release of UK singer/songwriter louderman. The created atmosphere feels really safe and at home, and for me, also it feels like sitting down and exploring my own thoughts and memories. There’s something attached to the tune that really triggers a certain melancholy, with a relaxed rhythm and a developing backing that starts minimal with a guitar and a defensive piano, the tune builds its story with soft and understanding vocals.

While the track continues, there’s emotional energy released through the retro-flavoured vocals, added strings and harmonies that feel like the good old times. No HQ, no HD, just the crisp and unprocessed reality. I really like this vintage character of “Tomorrow’s Life”. I swear I can hear some almost Queen-ish harmonies happening here, while the track is connecting to every listener with a relatable story and an unobtrusive musical texture.

In the words of the artist, louderman is “navigating through the songs of one person’s lifetime”, creating “a road trip down the sonic highway of hopes and dreams” in the process. I love how you just can hear this truth in between the notes, this honesty woven into all of his tracks. Of course, not all of them are connecting with me the same as this track, but in all of the tracks the artist is offering a part of heart and soul, experiences and learned lessons along the way. And in the end, THAT’S what’s important in music.

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