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Hello Ocean – Over You

If you’re feeling down, if you need some uplifting words or a melody that picks you up from the ground – meet Stina Svensson, better known as the voice of Hello Ocean. She’ll take care of you.

With a great amount of energy and confidence, swedish singer Stina Svensson knows how to deliver a message in a ultra-self-aware fashion. Backed by handmade instruments, she manages to put the same confidence into the listener that she transmits through her vocals. This is a classic stand-up-right-NOW-tune for me. When I heard the song for the first time I was feeling kind of down, but the track had a rather severe effect on me, lifting me on my feet again, so to speak. The beauty of this is that the track isn’t done highly energetic or fast-paced, but contains the right amount of everything in all the right places. For example, there are those shouted vocal one-shots in the chorus that deliver a short burst of intensity. The doubled vocal parts in the chorus. Short glimpses of an electric guitar. This along the warm but distinct vocals is the perfect recipe for the song to shine.

I totally believe that Svensson isn’t just selling you a certain theme with this song, she’s living and breathing that theme. To me, it shows that this track is something originating from the human, not just from the vocal cords.

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