Dear Daria – Dopamachine

You gotta love this retro-soaked handmade honesty in the latest release of Dear Daria, who describe their sound as “a brightly-colored swirl of power pop, indie rock, alt-rock and pop-punk”. Well… that’s pretty darn accurate, if you ask me.

What I admire most about this tune is that is has the ability to take you back to good old times, AND it feels up-to-date at the same time. There are sounds and moods out there that won’t ever be too old or worn out, and what you are hearing in “Dopamachine” is exactly one of these sounds in my opinion. The energetic vocals along the handmade drive in a classic band setting feel both youthful and grown-up, both wise and sassy, and in the end it’s a sound that you can dance, sing along, and get addicted to while learning a life lesson.

For me, it’s that special blend of – let’s call it – tamed pop-punk that makes this tune stand out. Once a band formation found their signature style, you just can hear if they are truly living it or not. Although this tune originally was created during lockdown, it carries enough drive to pull a truck off the road. And it comes with a serious message about us all not getting another part of the dopamachine that’s build by media out there.

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Florian Maier

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