Ari Abdul – Taste

Being a vampire love story at heart, the new release of Brooklyn based Ari Abdul lets the room temperature drop. Creating a dark, intense and somewhat surreal atmosphere, the track somehow manages to transmit this oddworld-ish feel as if the listener didn’t really belong. There’s this half-awake vibe present that gives you chills as you get addicted to the calm and lush vocals of Abdul.

And it’s this special kind of storytelling that attracts me most with “Taste”. In this widespread scenario, the melodies along the vocals feel both foreign and well-known, both hot and cold, both seductive and borderline uncomfortable. You gotta love this unique blend of crystalline elements that are set free into the void, creating a dream-like state of mind in the process. It’s exactly this hypnotic instrumental texture along a steady pulsating beat that won’t let you go once heard. The rest is done by the outstanding performance of the singer/songwriter. With this track being only her second release, the best is yet to come. We have seen or heard nothing yet.

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Florian Maier

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