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The Dead Daisies – Radiance

Goosebumps, folks. The new release of Australian Rock Band The Dead Daisies oozes edgy rock decorated with sprinkles of dirt, sweat and unfiltered passion. And in the end, that’s exactly what Rock is about, right?

Check out these methodical dense guitar textures. Scratching at the edge of being over the top, they know they are maxed, and they love it. They pave their way along the unforgiving drive of the saturated drum set, filling the room with energy and sassiness while lowering the temperature and dimming the lights. And as this scenery is created, the vocals tell their story in a unique way, with a ton of seen-it-all soul packed in between the lyrics.

What I absolutely love about this track is the seemingly simple appearance. Set up with a no-shenanigans basic approach, this track isn’t there to take prisoners, and at the same time its main goal isn’t to impress with glimmer and special effects. It hits you right between the eyes (or better: ears) with its rocking wisdom, and and a drive that the band must have cultivated for a long time now. And it’s exactly this honesty along the energetic strikeforce that makes “Radiance” a perfect ten for me.

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