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Lie Supine – Open Eyes

I love this melancholic vibe happening in the new release of British alt rockers Lie Supine. Blended with a methodical and almost hypnotic undertone, the tune has this ever-knowing wisdom attached, taking its time to deliver a perfect mixture of floating guitars along relaxed rhythmic patterns and addictive vocals. Melodic layers of emotion, with an intelligent grungy fabric woven into an alt rock scenery, are the secret ingredients and the foundation of this track.

And it’s not just the music with “Open Eyes”, it’s also the visuals. In a black’n’white setting, the story is told with what I’d like to call ‘calm intensity’. This tune won’t rush anything, nor will it release too much energy at once. With a stunning combination of male and female vocals in this laid back yet dense atmosphere, the tune releases its full potential. Calm pictures with a almost artistic construct of light and dark, of movement and stagnation, of sharpness and blurred content, tell the story in their own dreamy expressive way.

I always like to say that emotional expression cannot be staged. But existing emotional output surely can be intensified through all the elements that are used perfectly in this track.

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