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Lorenzo Hazelwood – Shadows

With an unmatched wisdom to find in between the matured guitar tracks and the seen-it-all vocals, the new release of Auckland-based singer/songwriter Lorenzo Hazelwood offers nothing less than a piece of his heart and soul. And it does so in a very straightforward yet very sensitive way.

Where sensitive guitar melodies meet driving chord textures and a vocals edged by lessons learned, this is the world of Hazelwood. Going solo besides being the lead singer of the band “Close To The Bone”, he took the opportunity to explore different nuances besides the band project. And “Shadows” is a perfect example what he is capable to create on his own. Walking a fine line between emotion, passion, and kickass rock, the tune is feelable while it reaches out for both the emotional and the rock loving core of the listener.

So, if anyone doubts that rock (the REAL rock) is still alive, this tune is for you. It offers nothing but honesty, and THAT is what counts in the musical landscape out there. This tune is the equivalent to a well-aged whiskey. It’s carefully crafted, there’s a lot of work that has been put into, and its something to remember once you had the chance to taste it.

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