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You gotta love the crystalline and widespread atmosphere happening in the latest release of multitalent BOB BLEEDY. There’s something really enchanting to this dreamy and sparkling synth textures. Floating through time and space, those synth melodies are hovering weightless like unfinished thoughts, as the lightweight vocals tell their story in their unqiue special processed way.

Being the third single from his upcoming debut album ‘Codependers’ which will be out soon, this track captures the unbearable fragility of being in the post-modern world where the illusion of a stable sense of self is increasingly harder to maintain. For me, this tune feels like watching yourself in the mirror. It’s one thing to like what you see or not, but it’s a different thing of holding up this perfect image of yourself for the world out there. Or even more intense, to hold up this picture for someone who’s special to you. This certain vulnerable core that lies within all of us is pictured perfectly in “EMOTION IN MOTION”. It feels like a tightrope act of being who you are and being who everybody else wants you to be.

And all in all, its this special vibe that makes the tune an outstanding ode to melancholy. It gives room to this certain emotional state where its you against your world of feelings. In other words: this is music to feel.

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