Mystical. Enchanting. Immersive. Hypnotic. Alluring. Lush. Sexy. There are a ton of attributes to describe the newest release of Jakke, and every single one of them is quite accurate. Playing with every nuance of emotion, and what I’d like to call ‘core drive’, the track triggers a dark and often oppressed vibe in the listener.

Being an ode to breaking out of your default state of mind to experience something pleasurable, greater or profound, the track searches for boundaries, yet it does so with a methodical relaxed addictive vibe. And it’s this unknown and dark scenery what makes this lush groover so irresistible in my opinion. Happening in a wide-roomed atmosphere, with playful melodic elements happening around every corner, the vocals have this trippy undertone, leading you deep down the rabbit hole, so to speak. The mysterious ‘where am I?’ component feels really unique, giving the tune a fresh and signature styled shimmer as the track progresses. You’ll find yourself floating in between the melodies in this oddworld-ish realm. Sonically, the tune opens up the doors to a new dimension of groove and sound. And this new found home of “RELEASE” is a reality that calls for a whole new genre which has yet to be named. I’ll go with “Alt Jakkelectrock”.

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Florian Maier

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