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ADDY – Normal

Being about how people can be judgemental when we all have imperfections that make us all what’s called “normal”, the newest release of Norwegian singer/songwriter knows how to deliver the message in a very caring yet powerful way.

Being backed by guitar and ukulele strums, I even love the combination of those two instruments, with the one probably considered not-so-normal than the other. This track is a great example of how a message can be delivered with seemingly minimal elements at hand. The backing melody is rather simple, yet builds a perfect stage for the flawless vocals of ADDY. These are done with a tender vibe, yet connected to an unreal amount of self-conciousness. Therefore, the story is told in a unique emotionally attractive way. It’s not thrown in your face with too much energy, nor is it overly melancholic or sad. It’s just there, accessible, and reaching out for the listener in a very relatable way.

Long story short, regarding “Normal”, along what is happening on social media out there, I’m in love with the track AND its message. Topics like these are important, and if they are presented and handled in such a caring and comforting way, you have me putting this tune on repeat.

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Florian Maier

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